Why You Need an Asbestos Inspection Specialist

Asbestos was extensively used as a viable building material during the last century and many homes, industrial and office structures were built with a lot of it. Asbestos is a naturally available mineral with very good physical characteristics and contains fibers having very high tensile strength. This along with many other good characteristics made it an ideal choice as a building material.  If you have a structure that was built before 1990s then probably it will have asbestos at least in some parts.

Most of the old structures have asbestos in roofing, wall cladding, gaskets, flooring, adhesives or insulations. Some forms of cement used in the construction of the structures also have asbestos. During the later part of the 1980’s it was conclusively proved that asbestos is not good for health and the fibers that emanate from this get mixed up in the air and cause a lot of problems to those who  stay near these structures for  long times. Asbestos causes dreadful diseases like lung cancer, asbestosis, and mesothelima etc.

Due to this asbestos was banned as a building material in countries like Australia. Many countries have laws that demand the removal of asbestos material from old buildings in a safe way and dispose it off in a scientific manner to prevent it causing health issues. Most of the countries that have banned the use of asbestos as a building material have licensed asbestos inspection advisors who are professionals in the field of safe asbestos removal and disposal.

When you have an old building and suspect that it contains asbestos you need to engage one of these asbestos removal specialists, to

  • Perform an inspection of the suspected building structure
  • Identify the part of the building or structure that contains asbestos
  • Evaluate its level of causing health hazards
  • Prepare a report about the type of asbestos present in the building and the safe ways of removal
  • Assess the current condition of asbestos and the likelihood of causing potential damage to the environment
  • Give the right recommendations to control the risk due to asbestos

Asbestos is a hazardous substance and it must be removed by qualified professionals as its dangerous effects get multiplied when it is not handled properly. It is found to release lot of unhealthy and dangerous fibers into the environment when it breaks. So, if you want to undertake renovation or redesigning or carry on any type of construction activity on the site that contains asbestos you have to call in an asbestos inspection advisor to have a thorough inspection of your property.

An asbestos removal specialist visits your property and makes a visual inspection to identify the materials that are containing asbestos. After this to find actual condition of the asbestos he collects the sample of the materials in a prescribed manner and sends it to an accredited asbestos testing laboratory to exactly know its condition. After getting the report he decides on the safe method of removing asbestos as per prescribed standards.

This cannot be done by a lay man as the process of identification, evaluation of condition, removing the contaminated material and disposing it off have to be done in a purely scientific way. During all these processes strict regulations and standards have to be followed so that the asbestos is removed from your building in a safe and healthy manner and disposed off as per standards. This is necessary to protect your health and that of your family. This is the only way to prevent long term health problems occurring in your home, office or factory.

An asbestos inspector and removal professional will be your safety guarantee against the ill effects of asbestos and you have to make use of their expertise and professional experience in dealing with asbestos in your building structures.  Asbestos is not so harmful when not disturbed and its bad effects increase when it is disturbed in its present state. Calling in an asbestos removal specialist is necessary when you want to do repairs, renovation or remodeling of the buildings that you suspect having asbestos in it.

The asbestos removal contractor work with property owners and construction companies to do everything connected with asbestos all in the way prescribed by the government. They also conduct statutory inspections and removals as per the regulations initiated by the Governments. They conduct residential surveys to assess the nature and condition of asbestos in your building and find out the extent of health hazards that are likely to be caused by asbestos.

So, it is always safe to engage an experienced and licensed asbestos inspector to find out the presence of asbestos in your building and see to that they have a license to remove the same in a safe and legal way to prevent health hazards and environmental damage due to the improper handling and removal of asbestos.