Cost of Asbestos Removal

For the financial year 2016-2017, $350-$400 + Labour is the amount that an Australian homeowner should expect to pay for removal of up to 10 square metres of bonded asbestos from their property.

Removal of bonded asbestos up to and including that quantity can be performed by a general tradesperson in all states and territories.  The licensing fee is low or non-existent in all cases, and so the price remains fairly homogenous.

For any amount of asbestos exceeding that quantity, or if dealing with friable (non-bonded) asbestos,  the price of one job could range between $1000-$30,000, it’s impossible to know without a proper onsite assessment due to the fact that;

  • A license to remove friable asbestos costs twice as much as bonded asbestos in most states.

The training and licensing fees for friable asbestos removal are generally twice as much as their bonded counterpart.  Most contractors will want the ability to do both.  Anytime a section of asbestos exceeds 10 square metres a specialist is required, with labour rates to match their training fees.


  • Licensing fees vary greatly between states, and causes pricing discrepancies between states.

The cost for an asbestos removal license varies greatly between states, which also effects the price the consumer will pay.  For example, contractor who want to obtain an A class asbestos removal license in Queensland has to part with $174 dollars application fee, while his friend in South Australia applying for the same thing needs to front $23,000.  Just over 130 times more.


  • The physical location the work takes place.

Australia has one of the best occupational health and safety ethics in the world.  This mean that sometimes extra gear is required to get the job done safely.  An indoor bathroom wall will cost a basic rate.  If heights or unsafe workspaces are involved, such as work on a corrugated iron roof, an extra hand, harnesses, cranes or whatever is required to do the job safely will need to be added onto the bill.